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Учебник английского языка
7 класс

Unit 8.
Sport in Our Life


New language

Grammar Section

The Subjunctive Mood1

Read and compare!

If it were summer now!
If he were with us! (now)
If we were younger! (now)
If I were in Russia! (now)
If I were eating an ice cream!
If I were swimming!
If he had that dictionary now!
If she found the keys tomorrow!
If we went to London in May!
If I passed the exam in June!
If I could explain everything to you.

Если бы сейчас было лето!
Если бы он был с нами!
Если бы мы были моложе!
Если бы я была в России!
Если бы я ел мороженое!
Если бы я сейчас плавал!
Если бы у него был сейчас тот словарь!
Если бы она завтра нашла ключи!
Если бы мы поехали в Лондон в мае!
Если бы я сдала экзамены в июне!
Если бы я могла объяснить вам всё!

1 The Subjunctive Mood — сослагательное наклонение (особая глагольная форма, описывающая нереальное действие). См. Reference Grammar, с. 336.

23. Make the sentences more emphatic using the word only.

Example: If it were July now! If only it were July now!

  1. If it were warm outdoors!
  2. If we were older!
  3. If the princess were not under the spell.
  4. If grapes and oranges were grown here.
  5. If I were at the theatre.
  6. If I were watching my favourite film.
  7. If we went to the USA in June.
  8. If our group visited the Bolshoi Theatre at the end of the week.
  9. If they had more animals!
  10. If you came earlier tomorrow!
  11. If I could memorize all the poems I like.
  12. If I could dance like a ballet dancer.

24. A. Look at the pictures and say what Nick’s other wishes are.

Example: to be summer now if it were summer now?

B. Imagine that Nick is thinking about some other seasons (winter, spring, autumn). What can his wishes be?

Example: If it were winter now! If it were snowing!

C. Say what your wishes are. Begin with If ... .

Read and compare!

If it were summer now!

1. Если бы сейчас было лето!
2. Как жаль, что сейчас не лето.

I wish it were summer now.

1. Я бы хотела, чтобы сейчас было лето.
2. Как жаль, что сейчас не лето.

25. A. Amanda loves winter and hates hot weather. Imagine you are Amanda. Use the word combinations below to speak about her wishes.

Example: I wish it were winter.

to be winter, to be skiing, not to be freezing, to be covered with snow, to throw snowballs, to be on the skating rink

B. Use the same model and speak about your wishes at the moment.

More Facts about the Subjunctive Mood

Read and compare!

  1. If it were autumn now, there would be a lot of fruit in the gardens.

    Если бы сейчас была осень, в садах было бы много фруктов.

  2. If Nina were here, she would help us.

    Если бы Нина была здесь, она бы помогла нам.

  3. If I were you, I would go in for sport.

    На твоём месте я бы занялась спортом.

  4. If I had a lot of money, I would buy a car.

    Если бы у меня были деньги, я бы купил машину.

  5. If I bought a ticket to London, I would see the Tower of London.

    Если бы я купил билет в Лондон, я бы увидел лондонский Тауэр.

26. Mr Stubbs has an old car. It’s broken down again. Say what other people advise him to do. The word combinations in the box can help you.

Example: If I were you, I would sell it.

to be you — to sell
to have enough money — to buy a new one
to have tools — to repair it
not to know what to do — to ask sb for help
to have another car — to take (it) to the service station

27. Nick is punished and is staying at home. He’s thinking of the things he could do. What is he thinking about? Begin with If I had ... .

Example: If I had the key to the door, I could go out.

      If I had an interesting hook, I could read it.

28. If people want to do something dangerous, you could warn them, saying I wouldn’t do it if I were you. What would you say to these people?

  1. Someone’s car has no brakes.1
  2. Someone’s going to swim, but the water is very cold.
  3. Someone’s going to drink the milk. It’s not fresh.
  4. Someone’s going to eat the cake. It’s two weeks old.
  5. Someone’s parking his car in a no-parking zone.
  6. Someone’s going to buy a car from Denis Cook. This person has a very bad reputation.
  7. Someone’s going to buy a washing machine from Mrs James. It doesn’t work properly.
  8. Someone’s going to an African country to spend his holidays there. The political situation in that country is rather dangerous.

1 brakes — тормоза

29. Say what these people would do if they had a lot of money.

Example: If Mr Collins had a lot of money, he would go on a journey.

1. Mr Collins
2. John Willis
3. Richard Black
4. Polly Wane
5. Alexander Wilson
6. Lucy Benson

to go on a journey
to build a new hospital
to help poor people
to spend it on science development
to try to improve ecology in the world
to go to university

30. Look at the pictures and say what these people would do if they saw a ghost.

Example: Eliza: If I saw a ghost, I would scream.

31. Express the same in English.

  1. Если бы мы встретили Анну, мы бы ей всё рассказали.
  2. — Жаль, что сейчас не зима. — А мне бы хотелось, чтобы сейчас было лето.
  3. Если бы сегодня было тепло, мы бы поехали на взморье.
  4. Если бы я знал французский, я бы смог поговорить с нашим гостем.
  5. Если бы Эндрю хорошо играл на пианино, скрипке или на трубе, он бы принял участие в нашем концерте.
  6. Если бы мы сейчас были в Москве, мы бы пошли осматривать город.
  7. Если бы Анита была с нами, она бы знала, что делать.
  8. На твоём месте я бы водила машину более осторожно.
  9. На твоём месте я бы не пошла на вечеринку к Полю. Там будет скучно.

32. Look at Betsy’s room. Tell Betsy what you would do if you were in her place.

Example: If I were you, I would make the bed.

33. Match the cartoons with the captions.