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Учебник английского языка
7 класс

Unit 2.
English - a Language of the World


Social English

Vocabulary Section

33. It’s important that you should use good English at your lessons. These phrases can be helpful in class. Listen to them and repeat them after the announcer, 6.

I’m sorry I’m late.

I’m afraid I’ve left my book at home.

Can I have a copy, please?

Shall I read the text?

Shall I do this exercise on the blackboard?

How do you spell this word?

How do you pronounce this word?

I’m not sure how to put/say it in English.

What’s a better way of saying this?

How do you call this thing in English?

Can I say it like that?

Sorry, I didn’t get this. Could you say it again, please?

Could you repeat the last sentence?

Could you explain it again, please?

Could you write it up on the board?

Is it my turn? (Am I next?)

36. Think of what you should say if:

  1. you don’t know how to spell a word;
  2. you don’t understand what your teacher has just said;
  3. you want to get a copy of something;
  4. you want to find out how to say something in English;
  5. you are late for your English class;
  6. you want the teacher to write a word up on the blackboard;
  7. you don’t know how to pronounce a word;
  8. you want to know the English word for «землетрясение»;
  9. you want to know if it’s your turn to read the text;
  10. you’ve left your book at home and want to say you’re sorry;
  11. you want to know how to say something in a better English;
  12. you don’t know how to say something in English and want your teacher to help you.

37. Complete the sentences using the missing words: over, to, on, out, off, along, up, away.

  1. Jack always gets ... early: he is a farmer and has a lot of work to do.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time to get down ... business.
  3. I’m afraid that our secret can get ... .
  4. Does she get ... well with her classmates?
  5. If you’re going to the Tower, you should get ... at the next stop.
  6. Hello! How are you getting ...?
  7. Don’t let him get ... with my bike!
  8. The old lady got ... of the car with difficulty.
  9. That news was a real shock, and we still can’t get ... it.
  10. Get ... the bus near London Bridge and go as far as Trafalgar Square.

38. Express the same in English.

  1. Я надеюсь, они смогут преодолеть все трудности.
  2. К сожалению, она не ладит со своим сводным братом.
  3. Убирайтесь отсюда и не шумите (to make a noise)! Вы разбудите ребёнка.
  4. Уже полдень, принимайтесь за работу как можно скорее.
  5. Сядьте в автобус здесь и выйдите на второй остановке.
  6. Завтра мы едем на рыбалку и мне придётся встать в шесть часов утра.
  7. Стой! Не уйдёшь!
  8. Как у вас дела с концертом? Всё уже готово?
  9. Садитесь в машину, мы уезжаем.
  10. На какой остановке ты обычно выходишь из автобуса?