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Unit 1.
Russia, My Homeland



29. Match the pictures with their descriptions. Say who the monuments are to.

1) the work of the sculptor Alexander Mikhailovich Opekushin is situated in front of the Rossia cinema and Pushkinsky concert hall, there are fountains behind it

2) the work of Nikolai Andreevich Andreev, Russian sculptor and painter, is situated in front of the Maly Theatre

3) the work of Nikolai Vasilievich Tomsky is situated in front of the Moscow University on the Vorobyev Hills

4) the work of Sergei Vladimirovich Orlov and several other sculptors, the bronze statue is 14 metres high, is situated opposite the Mossovet building

5) the work of the sculptor Sergei Mikhailovich Volnukhin, a member and lecturer of the Petersburg Academy of Arts; a bronze statue on a black stone pedestal1 with the words The Printer2 of books till then unknown

1 a pedestal
2 printer

30. Listen to the song, 3, and sing it along.

Moscow Suburb1 Nights

(Music by Soloviov Sedoy)

        Not a rustling2 leaf, not a bird in flight
        In the sleepy grove3 until dawn.
        How I love these nights, Moscow suburb nights,
        The caress4 of the waking sun.

        The calm rilling5 stream seems to ebb and flow6
        Like a silver web7 of moonlight,
        In my heart I hear singing come and go
        On this wonderful summer night.

        Why this downcast8 look? Does the rising day
        Bring us near the hour when we part?
        Its as hard to keep as to give away
        All that presses9 upon my heart.

        Dawn is nigh,10 and pale grow the amber lights.
        Let me hope, my dear, that you too
        Will remember these Moscow suburb nights
        And our love that has been so true.

31. Did you know that ...

... Moscow, the capital of Russia, was named after the River Moskva on which it stands? The name of the river has many possible origins. For example a) from Slavonic moskva = wet, swampy"; b) from Slavonic most-kva = bridge water; c) from Finno-Ugrian11 mosca = river, water. ... St Isaacs Cathedral in St Petersburg is decorated with 112 granite columns? About half a million people from different parts of Russia took part in its building.

... there are 93 rivers and streams, 20 canals [ks'naslz] and more than 100 lakes in St Petersburg?

... the State Museum of the Revolution in Moscow used to be the famous English Club which rich people visited?

... Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Russia in October 1994? It was the first visit to Russia by a reigning British monarch. She visited Moscow and St Petersburg.

... the Romanov tsars are blood relatives of the Windsors? Tsar Nicholas II was a cousin of the Queens grandfather. His wife, Alexandra, grew up at the court of her grandmother Queen Victoria.

... the Bolshoi Theatre is the oldest theatre in Moscow? It was founded on 28 March, 1776. But the theatre got its beautiful building so familiar to any Muscovite only in 1915.

... Russian people say Neither fur nor feather before beginning something important? But English-speaking people (mostly actors) say Break a leg.

32. For further information on the topic Russia, My Homeland see the Internet sites:

http://www. 123independenceday.com/russian

1 suburb
2 rustling
3 grove
4 caress
5 rilling
6 ebb and flow
7 web
8 downcast
9 presses
10 nigh
11 Finno-Ugrian - ( )

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