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Учебник английского языка
7 класс

Unit 5.



6. Act the poem out: distribute the lines of the poem between the pupils of your group. Let one pupil do the part of King John and say the final words together. Use greetings cards, a ball, costumes, etc. to make it look like a real performance.

7. A. Look at the picture and make up a Christmas Story. To make your story more logical write its outline first.

B. Ask your parents how they celebrated Christmas and the New Year when they were young children. Tell the class about it.


8. Learn the words of this popular carol and sing it along, 28.

О Christinas Tree

        О Christmas tree, О Christmas tree,
        With faithful1 leaves unchanging.
        Not only green in summer’s heat;
        But also winter’s snow and sleet.
        О Christmas tree, О Christmas tree,
        With faithful leaves unchanging.

1 faithful — верный, преданный, постоянный

9. Read X-mas Alphabet. Write each letter of X-mas Alphabet on coloured paper and decorate the classroom with your alphabet tinsels. Look up the words that you don’t know in a dictionary.

        A is for Apple that hangs on the tree.
        В is for Bells that chime out in glee.
        С is for Candy to please boys and girls.
        D is for Dolly with long flaxen curls.
        E is for Evergreen decking the room,
        F is for Flowers of sweetest perfume.
        G is for Gifts that bring us delight.
        H is for Holly with red berries bright.
        I is for Ice, so shining and clear.
        J is for Jingle of bells far and near.
        К is Kriss Kringle with fur cap and coat.
        L is for Letters children all wrote.
        M is for Mistletoe shining like wax.
        N is for Nuts which grandpapa cracks.
        О is for Oranges, yellow and sweet.
        P is Plum Pudding, a holiday treat.
        Q is the Quadrille in which each one must dance.
        R is for Reindeer that gallop and prance.
        S is for Snow that falls silently down.
        T is for Turkey so tender and brown.
        U is for Uproar that goes on all day.
        V is for Voices that carol this day.
        W is for Wreaths hung up on the wall.
        X is for X-mas with pleasures for all.
        Y is for Yule log that bums clear and bright.
        Z is for Zest shown from morning till night.

10. Make up more X-mas decorations. Decide whose decoration is: a) the most beautiful; b) the most original; c) the most traditional; d) using English in the best way.

11. For further information on the topic “Christmas” see the Internet sites:

http: //www. christmas4kids. org/


Project Work 5