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Учебник английского языка
7 класс



Project Work

Project Work 1

Choose a place in Russia that you love best or would like to visit. Make a 3-minute computer presentation about this place.

Project Work 2

Work in small groups and make a list of foreign words borrowed by the Russian language. Try to find out what language they came from. Use dictionaries and the Internet. Compare your lists.

Project Work 3

Work as a group and interview as many pupils of your school as you can. Make sure they are of different ages. Ask them about their hobbies and pastimes. Make a survey of the typical activities in your school for different ages. Such information can be used to organize clubs and circles in your school. (Remember that the number of pupils from each age group should be the same.) Fill in these charts.



Project Work 4

Playing language games can be very helpful in foreign language learning. Remember or make up a language game, write down its description. Play the game with your friends. Put all the successful games into your own Book of Games and illustrate it. Work as a group.

Project Work 5

When on holiday work together and make a wall newspaper about where you went and what you did. Use photographs and pictures with captions. Write short texts. Make the paper as attractive and amusing as possible.

Project Work 6

Think of 2—5 books by English and American authors you can recommend your classmates to read. Work together and make up a complete list of recommended literature in this way.

1 The gist of something is the general meaning of the most important points of a long piece of writing — краткое содержание.

Project Work 7

Put on a 15-minute play about your class (in any genre). Decide who is going to be:

  1. a director,
  2. a designer,
  3. a costume designer,
  4. actors,
  5. actresses, efc.

Stage the play and perform it at your English lesson.

Project Work 8

You can have a Sports Quiz in your class. Work as two teams. Prepare 20—30 questions on sports and games for your opponents and a prize for the winner.

Here are some ideas:

  1. In what country did skiing begin as a sport? (In Norway.)
  2. How old is the sport of wrestling? (It started in ancient Egypt about 5000 years ago.)