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9 unit.
Exploring the World



32. Read the poem, listen to it, 50, and say what the author warns the students of English about. Look the new words up.


        When its English that we speak
        Why is steak not rhymed with weak?
        And couldnt you please tell me how
        Cow and now can rhyme with bought

        I simply cant imagine why
        High and eye sound like buy.
        We have food and blood and wood.
        And yet we rhyme should with good.

        Bead is different from head,
        But we say red, bread and said.
        Gone will never rhyme with one
        Nor hone and dome with some and come.

        Nose and lose look much alike,
        So why not fight and height and bite?
        Dove and dove look quite the same,
        But not at all like rain, rein, and reign.

        Shoe just doesnt sound like toe,
        And all for reasons I dont know,
        For all these words just prove to me
        That sounds and letters disagree.

1 warning

33. Did you know that ...

... James Barrie wrote a number of books for grown-ups, but he is best remembered as the author of Peter Pan?

... J. M. Barrie was born in a poor Scottish family? His parents wanted to give their children a good education and they did it. His mother was a talented woman. She knew a lot of Scottish legends and folktales and made her children love their homeland?

... among other books James M. Barrie wrote comedies which were a great success with the public?

... James M. Barrie admired brave travellers and explorers? Among his friends was Captain Scott. When Scotts body was found in the Antarctic, they also found his letter addressed to James Barrie?

... Janies Barries will was to give all the money brought by publications of Peter Pan and staging the book to a childrens hospital in London?

... the statue of Peter Pan was put up in Kensington Gardens, London, in 1912? You can see it there the statue of the boy who never grew up?

34. During your summer holidays read the book Peter Pan by James M. Barrie. If it is difficult for you to read the book in the original, read it in Russian. It has been translated into your mother tongue. Get to know Peter Pan and the other characters of the book better and enjoy their adventures together with them. Share your impressions with your classmates when you come back to school next year.

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