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Учебник английского языка
7 класс

Unit 8.
Sport in Our Life



66. Do these exercises in writing: 8, 9, 11, 24, 25, 31, 32, 43, 44B, 70.

67. Choose one of the words from the brackets to complete the sentences.

* A *

  1. If I were an athlete, I (will/would) take part in big competitions and probably win.
  2. If you tell your friends about your favourite sport, they (will/would) tell you about theirs.
  3. If your team wins the cup, I (will/would) be very proud of you.
  4. If Linda were your coach, she (will/would) make you practise a lot.
  5. If Paul ran faster, he (will/would) be in our school team.
  6. If the match lasted longer, the football players (will/would) have a chance to win.
  7. If you go to the stadium to watch a basketball game, you (will/would) see how exciting it can be.

* B *

  1. If Nina (thinks/thought) about keeping fit, she would go in for sport and spend more time outdoors.
  2. If Gary (plays/played) with us, we are sure to win.
  3. If you (see/saw) the match with us, we will drive you back home.
  4. If Nataly (is/were) a better athlete, she would be one of the winners.
  5. If George (knows/knew) the difference between mountaineering and climbing, he would explain it to you.
  6. If the game (starts/started) a little later, I would come in time for the beginning.
  7. If our boys (lose/lost) the game, I will be very sorry.

68. Write about 10 sentences beginning with I wish ... and If only ... connected with sport.

Example: If only I could swim fastest of all in this school.

69. Make the story complete. Use the words on the right in the appropriate forms.

My Favourite Sport

I love many sports, but my favourite sport always

1) __________ skating. I first 2) __________ skating when I was eight. We 3) __________ in Norway live then, I always 4) __________ the lights of the skating rink and my Dad who 5) __________ me. He 6) __________ me what 7) __________ and 8) __________ me 9) ____________ when I 10) __________ on the ice. Three years later we 11) __________ to Florida, and then for many years I 12) __________ because Florida is a hot place. Now I 13) ________ in Canada. I 14) __________ since I 15) __________ here.

be, begin
explain, do
make, smile
not skate
skate, come

70. Express the same in English.

  1. Земля была покрыта снегом.
  2. Если бы я был на твоём месте, я бы делал это тайно.
  3. Обе футбольные команды хороши. Любая может выиграть, и каждой нужна победа.
  4. Все эти вещи — школьное имущество.
  5. Я не буду это делать. Это вне моих обязанностей.
  6. Вся эта ситуация была безнадёжной.
  7. Ты идёшь по ложному следу. На твоём месте я бы искал их в другом городе.
  8. На что ты показываешь? Ты показываешь на башню?
  9. Не угрожайте нам.
  10. Не смотри так пристально на людей. Это невежливо.
  11. Не желаешь ли присоединиться к нам?

71. Write a postcard to your friend describing a recent sports match, competition or game you watched. Mention where and when it took place, if you watched it at the stadium or on TV, who you went there with, what sort of match or game it was, who won, if you enjoyed it. Start like this:

Dear ......... ,
There was a ......... match (competition) on (in, at) ......... yesterday.
I saw it with ......... I found the match (competition) .........

72. Complete the words to make a list of traditional Olympic sports.

            Summer Olympics:                                    Winter Olympics:           

bad ________
b _________ ball
base ________
_ ox ________
wr __________ ing
cy __________
water ________
vo ________ ball
gym _______
г _____ ing
j ____ о
horse __________

a _______ tics
s _ i _ ing
sw ______ ing
di _______ g
hand _________
sh ______ ting
ar ______ ry
____ nn ____
______ lifting
fen _____
_ oot _____
field _____

sk __________ g
sk __________
f _________ skating
ice ___________

73. Spell the words.

74. Test your spelling. Listen to the recording, 46, and write down the sentences.