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Учебник английского языка
7 класс

7 unit.
Popular Arts



65. Do these exercises in writing: 4, 8, 10, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 26, 28B, 29B, 43, 46, 51.

66. Choose the right form.

  1. Sarah (was told/told) that all the letters (were/had been) written.
  2. Benny (was greeted/greeted) the people who (have been/had been) invited to the meeting.
  3. These children (are/are being) never given any pocket money.
  4. The inhabitants of the village (were/were being) asked about people living in their neighbourhood when the police arrived.
  5. Jane (allowed/was allowed) her brother to go to the cinema.
  6. Children (are/are being) seldom allowed to see horror films.
  7. I entered the house when our seats (were/were being) shown to my parents.
  8. The funny scene (followed/was followed) by the laughter of the audience.
  9. John (asked/was asked) by his uncle if the fairs in the village (were/had been) often visited.
  10. John says the socks (have not been/had not been) mended yet.

67. A. Complete the text with the appropriate forms of the words on the right.

Deep in a lonely forest there once lived a woodcutter. One day he (1) _________ trees when he (2) _________a cry of a bird. He (3) ____________ what (4) ____________ and went to look at the bird. Under a big tree he (5) ___________ a nest that (6) _________ by a bird, with many eggs in it. A great snake was going (7) ___________ the mother bird, who bravely (8) _______ her nest. The woodcutter killed the snake with the stick he (9) _______ in the wood.

Some years after this, the woodcutter (10) _______ along a mountain path. It (11) _______ dark. Suddenly he saw the light (12) _________ from the windows of a big beautiful house that (13) _________ in the middle of the woods by some mystical people.

1). cut
2). hear,
3). wonder
4). happen
5). see
6). build
7). kill
8). defend
9). find
10). walk
11). get
12). come
13). build

B. Write another paragraph to finish this tale.

68. Choose the right preposition to make the sentences complete.

  1. At last the bus came . . . sight.
  2. As soon as his car was . . . sight, we all began laughing.
  3. . . . the sight of the impressive building she understood she would like to live nowhere else.
  4. The ship was not . . . sight yet.
  5. It was rather misty, and soon the boat was . . . sight.
  6. . . . the sight of the children’s faces Carolyn felt happy.

69. Express the same in English.

* A *

  1. Фрукты были выставлены на продажу.
  2. Отец наставил Роберта приняться за работу.
  3. Рано утром мы отправились в наше путешествие по окрестностям.
  4. Дети принялись ремонтировать сломанный велосипед сразу же, как его принесли.
  5. Семья отправилась в Лондон. Они взяли с собой золотые вещи.
  6. Вы уже начали собирать материалы о театрах и кинотеатрах в Великобритании?
  7. Модное платье было помещено в витрине магазина (in the shop window).
  8. Кого ты заставишь делать это?

* B *

  1. Была холодная зимняя ночь.
  2. Мы отправились в путешествие весенним утром.
  3. Стояла настоящая осень. Листья падали с деревьев, было прохладно, но сухо.
  4. Ранняя весна и поздняя весна различны. Ранняя осень и поздняя осень тоже не похожи.
  5. Вторая мировая война началась весной 1939 года.
  6. Дождливой осенью многие птицы улетели на юг.
  7. Каковы твои планы на лето?
  8. В Европе школьные занятия обычно начинаются осенью.
  9. Лето было в разгаре.
  10. Вчера вечером мы наблюдали, как садилось солнце.

70. Make up 10—15 questions for a “Theatre and Cinema Quiz”. Think of a prize you can give to the winner.

71. Spell the words.

72. Test your spelling, listen to the recording, 40, and write down the text