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Unit 6.
The Pleasure of Reading



71. Listen to the poem, 35, and try to read it in the same manner.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

(By R. Dahl)

        As soon as Wolf began to feel
        That he would like a decent1 meal,
        He went and knocked at Grandmas door.
        When Grandma opened it, she saw
        The sharp2 white teeth, the horrid grin,3
        And Wolfie said, May I come in?
        Poor Grandmamma was terrified,4
        Hes going to eat me up! she cried.
        And she was absolutely right.
        He ate her up in one big bite.5
        But Grandmamma was small and tough,6
        And Wolfie wailed,7 Thats not enough!
        I havent yet begun to feel
        That I have had a decent meal!
        He ran around the kitchen yelping8.

1 decent
2 sharp
3 grin
4 was terrified ,
5 in one big bite
6 toug'h
7 wailed
8 yelping

        Ive got to have another helping!1
        Then added with a frightful leer,2
        Im therefore3 going to wait right here
        Till Little Miss Red Riding Hood
        Comes home from walking in the wood.
        He quickly put on Grandmas clothes,
        (Of course he hadnt eaten those.)
        He dressed himself in coat and hat.
        He put on shoes and after that
        He even brushed and curled4 his hair,
        Then sat himself in Grandmas chair.
        In came the little girl in red.
        She stopped. She started.5 And then she said,
        What great big ears you have, Grandma.
        All the better to hear you with, the Wolf replied.6
        What great big eyes you have, Grandma,
        Said Little Red Riding Hood.
        All the better to see you with, the Wolf replied.
        He sat there watching' her and smiled.
        He thought, Im going to eat this child.
        Compared with her old Grandmamma
        Shes going to taste like caviare.
        Then Little Red Riding Hood said, But, Grandma,
        What a lovely great big furry7 coat you have on.
        Thats wrong! cried Wolf. Have you forgot
        To tell me what BIG TEETH Ive got?
        Ah well, no matter what you say,8
        Im going to eat you anyway.
        The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.9
        She whips10 a pistol from her knickers.11
        She aims12 it at the creatures head
        And bang, bang, bang,13 she shoots him dead.
        A few weeks later, in the wood,
        I came across14 Miss Riding Hood.
        But what a change! No cloak15 of red,
        No silly hood16 upon her head.
        She said, Hello, and do please note17
        My lovely furry WOLFSKIN COAT.

1 helping
2 frightful leer
3 therefore
4 curled
5 started
6 replied
7 furry
8 no matter what you say
9 eyelid flickers
10 whips
11 knickers
12 aims
13 bang . -
14 came across
15 cloak
16 hood
17 note ,

72. Guess which of these imaginary authors wrote which books


1) C. A. Nurse
2) Val N. Tyne
3) Will E. Winn
4) Ken O. Meet
5) Polly Ester and A.
6) Ern A. Lott
7) Chris P. Bacon
8) L. 0. Darling


a) Feeding a Dog
b) Greetings
c) In Hospital
d) In the Money Nylon
e) Its Breakfast Time
f) Materials
g) Sweethearts
h) The Final

73. Listen to the song, 36, and sing it along.


        In a cavern,1 in a canyon
        Excavating for a mine2
        Lived a miner forty-niner3
        And his daughter Clementine.


            Oh my darling, oh my darling,
            Oh my darling, Clementine,
            You were lost and gone forever
            Dreadful sorry,4 Clementine.

        Light she was and like a feather,
        And her shoes were number nine.
        Herring boxes without topses
        Sandals were5 for Clementine.


        Drove she ducklings6 to the water
        Every morning just at nine.
        Hit her foot against a splinter,7
        Fell into the foaming brine.8


        Ruby9 lips above the water,
        Blowing bubbles10 soft and fine.
        But alas11 I was no swimmer,
        So I lost my Clementine.


1 a cavern
2 excavating for a mine
3 miner forty-niner , 1849 .
4 dreadful sorry
5 herring boxes without topses sandals were -
6 drove she ducklings
7 splinter
8 foaming brine
9 ruby ,
10 blowing bubbles
11 alas

74. Match the objects in the picture with their names.

a) a fork
b) a spoon
c) a knife
d) a glass
e) a cup and a saucer
f) a mug
g) a butter dish
h) a teapot
i) a tea cosy
j) a coffeepot
k) a milk jug

l) a bowl
m) a sugar bowl
n) a bread bin
o) an egg cup
p) an egg cosy
q) a plate
r) a table mat
s) a napkin/serviette
t) a salt cellar
u) a kettle

75. For further information on the topic The Pleasure of Reading see the Internet sites:

http://en. wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_children's_literature_authors

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