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Учебник английского языка
7 класс

Unit 1.
Russia, My Homeland


Reading for Information

8. Read the text in this leaflet.1 You’ll see that the text falls into two parts. Say what they are about. Give them titles.

1 a leaflet — зд. рекламный проспект
2 a magician — колдун, волшебник
3 immortal бессмертный
4 technicians — зд. технический персонал театра

9. A. Read the text “Swan Lake” again. Say true, false or not stated.

  1. The first performance of “Swan Lake” impressed the public greatly.
  2. Tchaikovsky was a young man when he wrote the music for this ballet.
  3. The Prince’s name was Odette.
  4. In this story a girl was turned into a swan.
  5. The St Petersburg Ballet Theatre had been to Scotland before.
  6. St Petersburg is the birthplace of Russian Classical Ballet.
  7. Konstantin Tatchkin is a composer.
  8. Many members of the young company came from other cities.
  9. The Ballet Academy of Vaganova is well-known in Russia.
  10. The St Petersburg Ballet Theatre includes eighty dancers.

B. These are answers to some questions on the text. Make up the questions.

  1. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
  2. No, it’s famous the world over.
  3. In 1877.
  4. A wicked magician.
  5. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen.
  6. St Petersburg.
  7. In 1994.
  8. By Konstantin Tatchkin.
  9. Eighty dancers, musicians and technicians.