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Учебник английского языка
7 класс

3 unit.
Me and My World


Social English

Vocabulary Section

28. A. Learn to give your opinion and discuss things. Listen to them and repeat them after the announcer, 13 A.

I think (that) ...
I guess (that) ...
I suppose (that) ...
I feel (that) ...

As I see it ...
My view [vju:] is that ...
My opinion is that ...
The point is that ...

If you ask me ...
I’d say that ...
In my view ...
In my opinion ...

I’d rather not say anything about it.

B. When you agree or disagree with somebody (or something), you may find these phrases helpful. Repeat them after the announcer, 13 B.

You agree
Just so.
I quite agree here.
I should think so.
That’s just what I was thinking.

You’re not sure
Yes, but ... .
On the other hand ... .
I’m afraid I don’t agree.
I don’t think you are right.
I can’t agree with you there.
I’m not so sure.

You disagree
On the contrary!1
Certainly not.
Don’t be so silly!
Just the other way round.2

1 on the contrary — наоборот
2 just the other way round — как раз напротив

29. Change the sentences and use other ways of saying I think.

Example: I think English is the most popular foreign language in schools at the moment.

My view is that English is the most popular foreign language in schools at the moment.

  1. I think shopping for food is boring.
  2. I think there are few good shows on television.
  3. I think the climate is changing very quickly. 4, I think reading books is enjoyable.
  4. I think stories with a happy ending are better than stories with a bad ending.
  5. I think all people should be friends.
  6. I think translating from Russian into English is difficult.
  7. I think ice hockey is not a good sport for girls.
  8. I think pollution is one of the greatest problems today.
  9. I think pupils should be given a chance to choose the school subjects they want to do.

30. Here are some opinions. Say what you feel about them (agree or disagree).

  1. The New Year is the very best holiday.
  2. English is a very easy language to learn.
  3. Every pupil should learn Latin or Greek at school.
  4. I would like to have a computer in every classroom.
  5. I believe that having ten lessons a day is just right for students.
  6. School holidays should be far longer than they are.
  7. All pupils should get free meals at school.
  8. Every student should wear a uniform.

31. Complete the sentences, be sure that they make sense.

  1. Give him his letter if he turns ... .
  2. I turned ... and saw Mary’s face in a window. 3. “I’ll turn you ... a frog!” said the Witch to the Prince.
  3. He turned the whole house ... trying to find some 80 up-to-date information on computers.
  4. He couldn’t sleep but just turned ... in his bed till 6 o’clock in the morning.
  5. Charles turned ... to be a very good friend; he was really very helpful when I was in trouble.
  6. The wind was so strong that it turned our umbrellas ... .
  7. Will you turn the television : I have a problem hearing what mother is saying.
  8. In a few seconds six white mice turned ... six beautiful horses.
  9. Elizabeth was turning ... the pages of her book without reading.

32. Express the same in English.

  1. Оказалось, что Джон был весьма грубым мальчиком.
  2. Во многих сказках злые ведьмы превращают людей в животных.
  3. Переверни три страницы, и ты увидишь картинку, которую ты ищешь.
  4. Том вывернул карманы наизнанку, но не нашёл ни одного цента.
  5. Он появился в самом конце вечеринки и сразу попросил чашку чая и кусок пирога.
  6. А теперь выключите CD-проигрыватели и запишите то, что вы слышали.
  7. Оказалось, что практиковаться в игре на фортепьяно не всегда интересно.
  8. Мне бы хотелось, чтобы ты сделал звук телевизора потише.
  9. Мы обернулись и были очень разочарованы, когда увидели, что наши друзья не вышли из дома, чтобы попрощаться,
  10. Оказывается, что английский язык позаимствовал гораздо больше слов из других языков, чем немецкий и французский.