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3 unit.
Me and My World


New language

Grammar Section

The Future Perfect Tense

19. Open the brackets to make the sentences complete. Use the future perfect tense. See Reference Grammar, p. 331332.

  1. By half past eight they (not, have) supper yet.
  2. The birds (fly) away before winter comes.
  3. In five years time we (finish) school.
  4. By this time next week Jack (take) his exam.
  5. I hope it (stop) raining before we have to go.
  6. I dont think my parents (buy) a computer by the end of the week.
  7. George (not, memorize) all the idioms by Friday.
  8. The Rogers (finish) building their new cottage before summer.
  9. The party (not, start) before we get there.
  10. He 72 (not, come) back by supper time.

20. A. Look at this page from Tonys personal organizer and say what he will have done by the end of the week.

B. Name 35 things that you will have done by the end of this week.

21. Complete the sentences, use the future perfect tense.

Example: Dont worry, we... / Dont worry, we will have finished the work by Friday.

  1. When we meet on Saturday, they ...
  2. By this time next week ...
  3. By seven oclock well already ...
  4. When the class is over, the pupils ...
  5. By the end of the month everyone ...
  6. If you give us a chance, we ...
  7. I promise that by the end of the day I ...
  8. The book is not so long, I think I ...

22. Look at the picture on p. 74 and say what these people will have done by six oclock when the working day is over. Use the verbs from the box.

clean, sell, buy, open, shut, drink, eat, post, bring, come

23. Study the table. See Reference Grammar, p. 320321.

The Definite Article

1 a limiting attribute
2 unique ,
3 to stand for
4 an adverbial modifier of place

24. A. Match the rules (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) from the table on p. 75 with these sentences to explain the use of the article.

  1. The anteater is a primitive animal.
  2. Henry went to the library.
  3. Robin couldnt cope with the last text.
  4. They bought a new English-Russian dictionary. The dictionary is very expensive.
  5. The idiom was not easy to memorize.
  6. They live in the north of England.

B. Put in articles where necessary.

  1. What is ... difference between ... opera and ... operetta?
  2. English is ... global language nowadays.
  3. What ... interesting periodicals!
  4. ... Indian elephant is ... endangered animal.
  5. Will ... mystery of Loch Ness Monster be ever discovered?
  6. Each child got ... sweet.
  7. Put on ... clean shirt, Alec!
  8. ... sun is shining so brightly, but there are ... clouds in ... sky.
  9. Where are ... potatoes I bought yesterday? I put them in ... fridge.
  10. Have you done ... exercises yet, Mary?

25. Read and remember. See Reference Grammar, p. 321322.
Articles with the nouns school, college, hospital, bed ...

1. Zero article. Here these words mean an activity.

2. The/A (An). Here these words mean buildings, specific objects or places.

We need a home for this little dog.
Yesterday my mother went to the school to talk to my teacher. Theres going to be a big party in the college (university).
Nancy works in a hospital.
There were a lot of police at the prison.
Tourists often come to look at the church.
Lie down on the bed and let the doctor examine you.
Thank you for the work you have done.
Turn on the television, please, Id like to see my favourite film. We planted some trees in the space between the houses.


                  1) to watch the telly
                  2) to listen to the radio
                  3) to hear something on the radio

26. Open the brackets and complete the sentences.

  1. If the patient doesnt get better, hell have to go to (/the) hospital.
  2. Whats on (/the) television tonight?
  3. Would you like to go to (/the) university with me to listen to Mr Robertsons lee-ture?
  4. Ive just heard on (/the) radio that Russian cosmonauts are in {/the) space.
  5. My father started learning English when he was at (/the) school.
  6. The kings orders were to take the young man to (/the) prison.
  7. Mother was very angry when she found our cat Milly sleeping on {/the) bed.
  8. (/The) space between the wall and the table is not enough for this big grandfather clock.
  9. Dr Clark works in (/the) hospital where I spent three weeks last year.
  10. We thought it would be nice to take our English friends to (/the) new Church of Christ the Saviour.1

1 the Church of Christ the Saviour

27. Some of these sentences are not grammatically correct because they have no articles. Use the right articles in the right places to get correct sentences.

  1. What big college! It has thousand students. Ben is planning to go to college as soon as he finishes school. College that my brother goes to trains managers.
  2. On Sundays we often watch television together. We have just bought new television, its biggest television Ive ever seen. Turn off television: its past your bedtime.
  3. Poor man, he hasnt got home and he hasnt got family. Come at any time, Ill be at home. This house is best home for them, Im sure theyll be very happy here.
  4. Look at hospital! Can you see man at window on ground floor? After his third day at hospital Victor felt much better. Id like to be nurse and work in big hospital.
  5. At what age do English children go to school? School I go to is not far from my house. Whats this red brick building? Its school.