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Let Us Read and Learn


Future Indefinite Passive

shall/will be + V3

The letter will be posted tomorrow.
The room will be cleaned soon.
The papers wont be burnt.

They wont be expected before the end of this week.
Shall I be asked any questions?
Will the weather be forecast for this weekend?

15. a) Look at the pages from Carolines diary and say what will be done each day of the week.

Example: Food will be bought on Monday.

b) You see how busy Caroline is going to be this coming week. She wont be able to do a lot of things that she has to do. Think of 5 things that wont be done by Caroline.

Example: The books wont be returned to the library.

  1. Caroline has to return the books to the library.
  2. Caroline has to clean the flat.
  3. Caroline has to visit her granny.
  4. Caroline has to write a story for the Young Writers Competition.
  5. Caroline has to plant some new flowers in her garden.

c) Work in pairs and ask each other what things will and wont be done in your family at the coming weekend.

Example: Will fathers car be washed? No, it wont. And will a pie be cooked for the party? It certainly will.


Mary must finish her story. You have to do it.
I can buy only two ices.
You should feed the dog.
We ought to visit Granny.

The story must be finished. It has to be done.
Only two ices can be bought.
The dog should be fed.
Granny ought to be visited.

You must not make this mistake again.
You dont have to cook dinner today.
The secretary cant type all the documents.
You shouldnt pay the bill now.
They oughtnt to beat the dog.

This mistake must not be made again.
Dinner doesnt have to be cooked today.
All the documents cant be typed.

The bill shouldnt be paid now.
The dog oughtnt to be beaten.


Must I do this work now?
Do we have to tell the truth?
Can they sell their old car?
Should people tell lies?
Ought I to answer this question?

Must this work be done now?
Does the truth have to be told?
Can their old car be sold?
Should lies be told?
Ought this question to be answered?

16. Make the sentences complete. Use the table.

Example: The story ought to be written as soon as possible.

The story
The cat
The plants
The gallery
The address
The telegram

ought to
has to

be fed
be told
be sent
be visited
be watered
be found out

... .
... .
... .
... .
... .
... .

17. Express the same in English. a) 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. . 6. . 7. . 8. . b) 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. () . 5. . 6. . 7. . 8. .

18. a) Read and guess what the underlined words mean.

  1. Tortoises, snakes and crocodiles are reptiles.
  2. Savannas are open grass-covered lands in warm countries.

b) Look these words up to make sure that you have guessed right.

19. Read the words, look them up and study the word combinations and sentences to know how to use them.

extinct (adj): Dodoes1 are extinct birds. Dinosaurs2 are extinct animals,

a pigeon (n): Tourists liked to feed pigeons in Trafalgar Square,

to endanger (v): to endanger animals, to endanger ones life. Nowadays tigers have become endangered animals: their number is so small, that they can easily die out.

a species (pl species) (n): a species of flowers, a species of animals. What species of plants can you see in the Botanical Garden? The Black Tulip is an unusual species of tulips.

an insect (n): an unusual insect. Insects usually have six legs, sometimes even more,

a mammal (n): Dogs are mammals. Mammals are animals that feed their young with milk,

to destroy (v): to destroy an army, to destroy a town, to destroy hopes. Fires often destroy forests. Mr Foxs house was destroyed and so he and his family had no place to live,

a habitat (n): a habitat of plants, a habitat of animals. When we speak about a habitat we mean a place where a certain animal or plant is usually found,

cardboard (n): made of cardboard, a cardboard box. We used cardboard boxes to carry our books,

to damage (v): to be damaged by fire. The fire badly damaged the house. The house was so badly damaged that we had to build a new one.

to include (v): to include on the list, to be included. The group of twenty includes one girl. I want to go on the school trip too. Did you include me on the list? The trip is 300 dollars, the cost of the meals included,

to cure (v): to cure a patient, to cure an illness, to cure a headache. Some illnesses are very difficult to cure. I hope he will soon be cured,

a creature (n): a lovely creature, a poor creature, a kind creature. Look at the little foxes. Arent they funny creatures?

1 a dodo ( )
2 a dinosaur ( )

20. Fill in the suitable words to complete the text. Ex. 19 can help you.

At the Zoo

Hello, everybody! Welcome to our new and wonderful zoo full of different birds, m..., r..., and i... . Their list in... many sp... living on our planet. Im sure you wont be sorry that youve come because Im going to show you something that will make you gasp.1 Here, on your left there are our new arrivals. Their h... is Australia. Some of these animals are very rare,2 almost ex... . It means that they are dying out because Man had de... their homes. You know that a lot of forests are dam..., so these cr... are en... . If we, humans, are as careless in future as we have been, very soon well be able to see these animals only at the zoo, or at the natural history museums. That will be much worse for the reason that there they wont be alive, but made of car..., paper, wood and fur.

21. Listen to the poem Dogs, 12, and learn it by heart.


(after Ogden Nash)

The dog is mans best friend.
He has a tail on one end.
Up in front he has teeth.
And four legs underneath.
Dogs like to bark.
They like it best after dark.
A dog that is indoors Wants to be outdoors.
But let him out and what then?
He wants to be in again.

Dogs cheer up people who are frowning3
And rescue4 people who are drowning.5
Dogs in the country have fun.
They run and run and run.
But in the city this species Is walked around on leashes.6
Dogs are friendly, loyal and honest.
Of all the pets I like them most.

1 to gasp
3to frown
4to rescue
5to drown
6a leash