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Unit 3. The Natural World

            • Weather and Climate
            • Plants and Animals
            • Free Time
            • Clothes
            • Pets
            • Hobbies

* * * * * Let Us Review * * * * *

1. Work in pairs. Look at the weathermap and the Climate Chart, then ask and answer questions on the weather and climate in different countries and cities.

Example: What is the weather like in Home? It is stormy. The temperature is 12C. What is the climate like in Italy? In summer its generally hot, with a lot of sunshine. In winter its mild and wet. The average1 summer temperature is +24 C. The average winter temperature is +6 C.

Climate Chart

Austria ; Belgium ; Holland ; Warsaw ; France

2. What types of weather are good and bad for doing these things?

Example: Skiing. Its bad to have mild and warm weather when snow melts. Its good to ski on cold, clear days.

1. Planting flowers in the garden.
2. Making a snowman.
3. Camping out in a tent.
4. Doing the sights of a city.

5. Going out in a small boat.
6. Skating.
7. Taking your little brother or sister out to the zoo.
8. Gathering harvest.

3. On a December morning two suitcases which belong to Mr White and Mr Black fell open at the airport and their things got mixed.2 Mr Black is going to India and Mr White is going to Norway. Both of the passengers are going to celebrate Christmas with their families. Help them to collect their things.

1 average
2 got mixed

a) Make a list of things for each man.

b) Explain your choice.

Example: The trousers belong to Mr Black because they are light summer trousers, and the skiing cap belongs to Mr White because it is the right time for skiing in Norway.

4. Look at the table on p. 31 and describe the typical winter/summer weather in:

1) the place where you live;
2) London;
3) Florida (USA);

4) the North Pole;
5) the Crimea;
6) South America.

Example: It is seldom foggy in Moscow in summer.


hardly ever


... .

5. Describe the clothes you prefer to wear in different weather.

Example: When it is freezing I prefer to put on (wear) an anorak,1 a warm scarf, a pair of trousers, a sweater and winter boots.

1 an anorak



6. Choose the right form of the possessive and personal pronouns and complete the sentences.

Example: I gave him my bicycle and he gave me his.

  1. She gave me _______ phone number and I ________
  2. They gave you _______ car and _________
  3. He gave them _______ documents and _________
  4. We gave her ________
  5. You gave us _______ games and _________

7. Express the same in Russian.

  1. Dont hurt yourself.
  2. She looked at herself in the mirror.
  3. They chose the present themselves.
  4. Im not angry with you, Im angry with myself.
  5. Did you enjoy yourselves at the party?
  6. Bye-bye, take care of yourself.
  7. It was so hot that we decided not to dry ourselves after the swim.
  8. The cat cut itself on a piece of glass.
  9. I was asked to speak about myself.
  10. Dont pay for me Ill pay for myself.

8. Change the sentences to use passive structures.

Example: They never buy such toys for very young children. Such toys are never bought for very young children.

  1. They forecast weather every day.
  2. Do people speak English all over the world?
  3. Everybody brings textbooks to the lesson.
  4. We didnt expect rain this week.
  5. They dont grow cabbages in front of the house.
  6. Parents often read books to their children at bedtime.
  7. People keep animals in cages. Isnt it awful!
  8. Good pupils never do lessons late at night.

9. Do you know this? If not, try to find it out (ask grown-ups or consult dictionaries) and say:

where coffee is grown;
when Moscow was founded;
what butter is made from;
in what country the best tulips are grown;
in what city the Lada cars are produced;

what warm winter sweaters are usually made of;
when A. S. Pushkin was born;
what pets are generally kept in cages;
what two official languages are spoken in Canada;
when the battle of Borodino was fought.

10. Make a list of traditional hobbies in Russia. Compare it with the list of traditional British hobbies. What are the most/least1 popular hobbies in both countries, in your opinion?

Russian Hobbies


British Hobbies

doing crosswords
listening to music
taking photographs
playing computer games
horse riding reading
eating in restaurants
going to the cinema
playing football
playing board games (cards, chess, etc.)
watching videos

11. Work in pairs. Look at the list of hobbies in ex. 10 and tell your partner what you like/dislike doing. Ask questions about your partners hobbies.

Example: I dont like going to the cinema but I like reading very much. Oh, really? What do you read? I read a lot of detective stories.

12. Keeping pets at home is a popular hobby. Answer these questions about pets and pet keeping.

  1. Do you think that keeping pets is a good idea?
  2. What pets are generally kept in town? in the country?
  3. What are unusual (exotic) pets to keep? What is the most unusual pet you have heard of?
  4. What problems do people face if they keep pets?
  5. Why do people keep pets nowadays?
  6. Have you ever had a pet? What was it? Are you keeping a pet now? What is it and what is it like?

13. This is what Steven Howard, a boy from Newcastle, wrote about his dog. Look through it and describe your own pet or the pet you would like to have some day.

My dog Duke

My dog is called Duke and he is a long-haired German shepherd dog3. He is the biggest dog in my street and every time the postman or someone passes by he barks his head off4 and nearly gives them a heart attack. Lots of people are afraid to go into my house because hes aggressive. But he is a lovely dog when you get to know him. He loves playing with balls and with my pet duck, George.

Steven Howard

14. a) Read the words in transcription.

b) Listen to the tape, 11, and check your reading.

1 least
2 windsurfing
3 a shepherd dog
4 to bark ones head off ,