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Unit 22. Consolidation Four

* * * * * Let Us Talk * * * * *

1. Look at the pictures and name the animals.

Example: Number one is an emu.

2. a) Imagine that you are going to meet an Australian writer. Prepare 810 questions that you would like to ask him about his country.

b) Work in pairs. Act out the dialogue with the writer for whom you have prepared your questions. Then answer his/her questions about Russia.

3. Give five reasons why you would like to go to Australia.

4. Comment on this:

Australia is the land where birds run instead of flying and animals hop instead of running.

5. a) Complete the dialogue putting the sentences from the box in their right places. Listen to the tape, 77, and check your version.

Your English is very good.
Wonderful. Thats very kind of you.
No. I live in Canberra, Im here to visit my granny.
Two weeks ago. Ive been here since May 5.
Oh, please. Could you hold my bag while Im taking this picture?
Youre welcome.

Ralph: Can I help you?

Masha: ...

Ralph: Certainly. Its not at all heavy.

Masha: OK. Ive done it. Thanks for your help. Sydney looks great in this ight. Thank you again.

Ralph: ...

Masha: ...

Ralph: Are you from Sydney?

Masha: No, Im from Russia.

Ralph: Russia? When did you come here?

Masha: ...

Ralph: ...

Masha: Thanks. I am learning English at school. I hope that after my stay in Australia Ill speak English better.

Ralph: Do you find it difficult to understand Australian English?

Masha: Quite. The accent is a little bit unusual. Though I understand nearly everything. And you? Do you live here?

Ralph: ...

b) Act out the conversation and continue it.

6. Find the right place for the words in brackets.

  1. Mary has been an extremely polite girl. (always)
  2. Where is mother? Shes gone out. (Just).
  3. Nick resembles my uncle George, (often)
  4. Is it raining? (still)
  5. They were late for the English class yesterday, (both)
  6. My aunt doesnt eat out. (generally)
  7. What do you have for breakfast? (usually)
  8. My elder brother is ill. (never)
  9. They stay at the same hotel every summer, (also)
  10. Ive got two cousins. We live in Moscow, (all)

6. a) Look at the pairs of verbs and remember what they mean.

to take off
to make off

to take away
to give away

to take back
to give back

to give up
to make up

b) Make the right choice and complete these sentences with the verbs given above.

  1. Bill, ... off your hat when you enter the room.
  2. He asked me to ... him back the money I had borrowed.
  3. Dont forget to ... the bike back to Helen. You have been keeping it too long!
  4. I think you should ... up the idea of going there. Its too dangerous.
  5. Hurry up! The plane is ... off in half an hour.
  6. If you are not going to eat the salad Ill ... it away.
  7. The story Nick ... up was the best.
  8. He took a gun and ... off.
  9. If you are not going to collect stamps anymore, ... your collection away to your little brother.
  10. If you cant do this crossword at once, dont ... up, try it again!