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Unit 19. Consolidation Tree

* * * * * Let Us Talk * * * * *

1. Say what you remember about:

a) geography of Scotland
      its capital
      the Edinburgh festival

b) geography of Wales
      the languages spoken in Wales
      its capital

c) US scenery
      US rivers and mountains
      the big melting pot
      the Revolutionary War
      the US Constitution
      some of the American presidents

2. a) Imagine that you are going to meet a US Congressman. Prepare 810 questions that you would like to ask him about his country.

b) Work in pairs. Act out the dialogue with the US Congressman for whom you have prepared your questions.

3. How well do you know Scotland? Give names to the sights in pictures on p. 268.

4. Give five reasons why you would like to go to Wales.

5. Work in pairs and complete the dialogue, then act it out.

Ludmila: Hi, Dmitry! Where have you been? I havent seen you for ages.

Dmitry: ..., and then ... .

Ludmila: To the United States? Great! Some people are luckier than others. Did you like it there?

Dmitry: Yes, it was wonderful. Our group visited several big cities in the US.

Ludmila: ... ? Which of them did you like most?

Dmitry: We went to ... . But the most interesting was Washington, D. C.

Ludmila: Why Washington? I was sure it was not so important as New York.

Dmitry: Washington, D. C. is very important: ... .

Ludmila: Did you go to the place where the US government works?

Dmitry: What do you mean by the US government? It is not as easy as you think........

Ludmila: All this is very interesting but I didnt quite get what they do in the Capitol and in the White House.

Dmitry: ... .

Ludmila: I hope Ill have a chance to go to the US some day, see the White House and walk about the Capitol.

6. Comment on this:

The USA: one nation, many different people.

7. Work in pairs. Read the questions and let your partner answer them.


  1. What American presidents of the twentieth century do you know? What are they famous for?
  2. Where are American laws made?
  3. Can you name any mighty American rivers? What are they? Where do they rise and flow?
  4. Where are the Great Lakes situated?
  5. Why do you think the US has almost every kind of weather?
  6. Why is the Grand Canyon one of Americas main tourist attractions?


  1. What is the symbol of Scotland?
  2. What city is the largest and busiest in Scotland?
  3. What are the most interesting attractions in Scotland?


  1. What Welsh cities can you name?
  2. Will you call Wales an agricultural or an industrial country? Why?

* * * * * Let Us Read * * * * *

8. Read the text and say: what you think about American food and drink; if there are any fast food restaurants in the place where you live.

American Food And Drink

(by Terry Tomsha)

68. What is American food? The answer is that it is part Italian, part British, part German, part Mexican, part Chinese... When people from other countries came to live in the US, they brought different cooking traditions. Some of them opened restaurants. Today Americans enjoy food from all over the world. Over the years some foreign dishes changed a little. Doughnuts1 were originally from Holland. In 1847 a young American boy told his mother that her doughnuts were never cooked in the middle. He cut out the centres and his mother cooked them and they were very tasty!

Maybe the US is most famous for fast foods. The first fast food restaurants served hamburgers, but now they serve other kinds of food too. Inside there is often a salad bar, where you can help yourself to as much salad as you want.2

Americans eat a lot, and when they go to a restaurant, they dont expect to be hungry afterwards. Most restaurants will put a lot of food on your plate sometimes it can be too much. But if you cant finish it all, dont worry: they will give you a doggy bag and you can take it home.

Most Americans now have a light breakfast instead of the traditional eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and coffee. But on weekends there is more time, and a large late breakfast or early lunch (brunch) is often eaten with family or friends.

1 a doughnut
2 to help yourself to as much salad as you want ,

9. Say why you think:

  1. American food is part Italian, part British, part German, etc.;
  2. much famous food in America is fast food;
  3. there are usually salad bars inside fast food restaurants;
  4. restaurant people bring doggy bags to those who cant finish all the food on their plates;
  5. Americans now have a light breakfast.

* * * * * Let Us Write * * * * *

10. Open the brackets to complete the text.

A Present From Chicago

That year the winter in Chicago (to be) very bad. One morning when railway workers (to come) to the station they (to see) a lot of snow that (to fall) the night before. The workers (not to know) what to do with it. They (not to see) so much snow. They (can) not leave the snow on the platforms because it (to be) dangerous for passengers.

Suddenly, one of the workers (to have) a wonderful idea. The workers (to put) the snow on the freight1 train and (to send) it south to Texas. The workers (to think) that the snow (to melt) away on the way.

The next day five tons of snow (to arrive) in Oklahoma City. The railway workers in Oklahoma City (to be) very happy when they (to see) what Chicago workers (to send) them. Its a wonderful present, they said and (to put) the snow on the childrens playground. Some of the children in Oklahoma City never (to see) snow before!

1 freight ;

11. Complete the sentences using the right preposition.

  1. While Mr Johnson was away, his stepdaughter looked ... the farm.
  2. The plane took ... and we saw the view of the mighty ocean and the yellow sandy beach below us.
  3. Please, look ... this book and say what event in Russian history it describes.
  4. What are you looking ... ? The book that I borrowed from the library. I want to take it ... .
  5. The teacher asked us to take ... a number of new words.
  6. The trunk of the tree was so huge that four people could not take it ... .
  7. He looked ... the picture of a desert for a long time. Something in that picture attracted him.
  8. The boy took ... his father: he was smart and very gentlemanlike.

* * * * * Let us listen and Discuss * * * * *

12. a) Make sure that you know these words:

a workaholic , ,
to relax

b) Listen to the tape, 69, and say whose words they are:

  1. Concentrate on pleasant things.
  2. I dont have any time for hobbies.
  3. Why dont you go to some picturesque place in Scotland?
  4. Your business is prosperous.
  5. Ive already painted fifteen pictures since I saw you.

13. Answer the following questions.

  1. Why did the businessman decide to see his doctor one day?
  2. He was a prosperous businessman, wasnt he?
  3. What was the doctors decision about his patients health?
  4. Why didnt the businessman have any hobbies?
  5. Why was it important for him to have some hobbies?
  6. What exactly was the doctors advice?
  7. Did he offer the businessman one or two things?
  8. Which of the two did the businessman choose?
  9. Do you think the doctor was surprised when he heard how the businessman was relaxing?

14. Put the sentences in the right order and make an outline of the story.

  1. The doctor examined the patient.
  2. The businessman worked hard again.
  3. The doctor advised his patient to relax and have some hobbies.
  4. The businessman came to the doctor.
  5. The businessman decided to follow the doctors advice.
  6. The businessman couldnt sleep at night.