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Учебник для 6 класса

Английский язык


Unit 2. Climate

* * * * * Let Us Review * * * * *

            • Weather and weather forecast
            • Climatic changes
            • Seasons

1. Put the following words in two groups: a) fine weather; b) nasty weather.

cloudy, rainy, misty, snowy, foggy, sunny, hot, wet, changeable, cold, dull,1 calm, stormy, windy, bright, clear, warm, cool

2. Describe an ideal day for:

1) picnicking;
2) an excursion about the city;
3) a visit to a museum;
4) seeing the New Year in;

5) skiing or skating;
6) playing outdoors;
7) preparing for exams;
8) a sea voyage.

3. Give it a name. Unit 1, ex. 12, ex. 13 can help you.

  1. An instrument that helps to find out what the weather will be like;
  2. a half circle2 of bright colours that you see in the sky when rain and sun come together;
  3. happening every day;
  4. to say what you think the weather will be like;
  5. a thin cloud near the ground; when you have it you cannot see very far;
  6. quiet, with no wind;
  7. changing very often;
  8. a quick fall of very heavy rain;
  9. to think that something will happen;
  10. a person who makes weather forecasts at regular times.

4. Work in pairs, pretend that you live in different places and:

a) Ask your partner questions about the climate in the place where he or she lives. Find out:

  • if the summers are very hot;
  • if the winters are very cold;
  • how much snow falls every winter;
  • how much rain falls in each season;
  • in what months or seasons the strongest winds blow;
  • which of the seasons are mild;
  • if the climate is mild / cold / continental / hot / severe.3

1 dull — зд. пасмурный
2 half circle — полукруг
3 severe — суровый

b) Describe the climate in the place where your partner lives.

The Past Indefinite
(Simple) Tense

1. Pam ate her dinner after school.
2. Where did you buy these souvenirs?
3. We didn’t play tennis yes terday as it was raining.

The Present Perfect Tense

1. Jeff has already eaten his dinner.
2. Have you bought all the souvenirs yet?
3. No, Mum, I haven’t played the song yet.

5. Pretend you are a geography teacher and:

a) Ask your class the following questions.

  1. What do you know about the climate of Moscow and other parts of Russia? of London and other parts of Britain?
  2. What can you say about the climate in Africa?
  3. What kind of climate do you prefer?
  4. Why do you think most people prefer to live in places with a mild climate?
  5. Why can it be hard for people to move from one part of the world to another?

b) Think of some more questions that you could ask your class.

6. Complete the dialogues, use present perfect or past simple.


Steve: I never (be) to Russia.

Barbara: I (live) in Moscow for a month last year.

Steve: You ever (be) to St. Petersburg?

Barbara: No, but a friend of mine (stay) there for a week two years ago. He (enjoy) it very much.


Kate: I just (see) Mr Jackson. He is angry because you (not finish) your translation yet.

Ian: But I (explain) everything only an hour ago. I (lose) my dictionary and (not find) it yet.

Kate: I never (do) a written translation before. Is it difficult?

Ian: I (not write) many. In fact, I only (write) two and they (be) rather easy.