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Let Us Talk

28. Work in pairs. Imagine that one of you is a visitor to Edinburgh. He or she wants to get some information about the city. Your partner answers the questions. Find out:

  • if Edinburgh is a young or ancient city;
  • what the two most interesting parts of the city are;
  • if the Castle is older than the city of Edinburgh;
  • where exactly the Castle is situated;
  • whose monument tourists can see in Princes Street;
  • what palace is the residence of the Queen.

29. Complete the dialogue and then act it out pretending that you are Mike and Duncan.

Mike: Excuse me, I dont think weve met before. Im Mike Crawford from London.

Duncan: . . .

Mike: Edinburgh? Ive never been to Scotland, but Id love to go there some day. Is Edinburgh bigger than London?

Duncan: . . .

Mike: If everything you say is true it must be a great place to live! When Im in Edinburgh, what should I see first?

Duncan: . . .

Mike: That will take me several days, Im sure. And whats the best place to buy souvenirs?

Duncan: . . .

Mike: Princes Street. I must remember that. When is the best time to come to Edinburgh?

Duncan: . . .

Mike: The military tattoo? What is it? What a strange name!

Duncan: . . .

Mike: Thank you. Ill talk to Dad and ask him if we can go to Scotland instead of Spain next August.

30. Imagine that one of your classmates has not read the text Scotland the Beautiful. Tell him or her everything you know about Glasgow and Edinburgh.

31. Study the map of Edinburgh and decide which places you would like to see. Explain your choice to your classmates, say which way you would like to choose and why.

32. Compare the two capitals Moscow and Edinburgh. Mention: 1) size; 2) historical centres; 3) monuments; 4) main streets; 5) other streets and squares of the cities; 6) museums; 7) military parades.

* * * * * Let Us Write * * * * *

33. Do ex. 4, ex. 9, ex. 13, ex. 17, ex. 20 in writing.

34. Your elder brother is a travel agent, but his English is not very good. At the same time you are very good at English. Help your brother to write short notes about Edinburgh, inviting tourists to visit this city. Make it as attractive as possible.

35. Look at the words again and get ready to write a spelling quiz on them.

to concentrate, a contrast, military, busy, trade, sitf a grave, a rock, devotion, to bury, to hang, prosperous, picturesque, modest, smart, to strike, striking

* * * * * Let us listen and Discuss * * * * *

36. a) Make sure you know these words and expressions.

to camp ,
to put up a tent

b) Listen to the tape, 50, and say whose words they are:

  1. Heres some money. Go to the village and buy some meat.
  2. Im so tired. You go.
  3. Heres the meat. Could you please cook it?
  4. Id like you to go and get some water.
  5. I dont want to get my clothes dirty.
  6. The meal is ready, come and eat it.
  7. I dont like to say No all the time.

37. Describe Jim and Tim. What were they like?

38. Say which of the two friends

was hard-working
was lazy
found a picturesque place at the foot of a rock
was tired
went to the village
bought some meat and bread

made a fire
cooked the meat
cut the bread

got the water
got the meal ready
didnt like to say No all the time

You can answer I dont know.

39. Tell the story on the part of Jim and on the part of Tim.