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Unit 11. Consolidation Two

1. Say what you remember about:

the Lake District
Lands End
Hadrians Wall

Heathrow Airport
the County of Kent
Oliver Cromwell

2. Imagine that you are going to meet Prince William, Queen Elizabeths grandson. Prepare 810 questions that you would like to ask him.

3. How well do you know London? Give names to the places in these pictures.

4. Say where in London you can:

watch the changing of the Guard.
see the Crown Jewels.
feed the pigeons.
see a very large clock at the top of a tower.

listen to concerts of classical music.
listen to a speaker talking to the public.
do some shopping.
see collections of English and European pictures.

5. Work in pairs. Read the questions and let your partner answer them. Dont forget to change over.

  1. What famous politicians do you know?
  2. What city is Alexander Pushkins birthplace?
  3. What do you think is the most famous university in Russia?
  4. How can you prove that Russia is a country of lowlands and highlands?
  5. What theatre in Moscow is built in the shape of a star?
  6. What is St. Petersburg famous for?
  7. Whats the most touching film you have ever seen?

6. Complete the dialogue. Compare your version with the version on the tape. Act the dialogue out, 42.

Ben: Well, Alice, did you enjoy the play?

Alice: ... .

Ben: I think it was wonderful. I like Shakespeares plays. Ive always wanted to see Romeo and Juliet in Stratford.

Alice: ... ?

Ben: Oh, yes. The actors were really good, especially the actress playing Juliet.

Alice: How did you like the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre? Its the biggest Ive ever seen.

Ben: Yes, its huge. Im glad our seats were ... .

Alice: Now I understand why we have come to Stratford all the way from London. I enjoyed every minute of the play.

Ben: So ... I. Just wait, tomorrow we are going to visit the house in Henley Street.

Alice: ... ?

Ben: Dont you know? Its ... .

Alice: Really? Did Shakespeare live all his life in the same house?

Ben: Not quite. ... .

Alice: I didnt know that. Did Shakespeare have a large family?

Ben: ... .

Alice: Id like to know more about William Shakespeare and see all his plays in the theatre.

7. Describe the pictures using the words.


a ceremony       an avenue       a procession       a royal coach1       a monarch       residence       a crown       at the exact time       a politician to rule the country


teenagers       to scream       at the top of ones voice       for a while       such an exciting film       tragedy       to hold up       the ship       wicked pirates


highlands       holidaymakers       a waterfall       scenery       to admire       a valley/meadow/plain       to attract/ attractive       exciting/to be excited

1 a royal coach

8. Role play the situation.

a) You are taking part in a TV programme My Discovery of England. Everyone is asked to speak about the place in England that he/she has discovered for himself/herself.

The list of characters:

  1. The host or hostess of the programme.1 He begins and finishes the programme making it interesting, talking to guests, asking them questions. Remember: the programme should move fast.
  2. A group of Russians who have just come back from England (they have been to different parts of the country).
  3. A journalist who has written a lot of articles about the royal family.
  4. An actress who is going to play in a historical film about William Shakespeare.
  5. A geographer who is working on a book about the British Isles.
  6. An archaeologist interested in the problem of Romans in Britain.

1 a host/hostess of the programme

b) Imagine you are taking part in a British TV programme My Discovery of Russia. What places in Russia will you describe?