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Let Us Read and Learn



1. It is such a good idea.
2. It is such exciting news.
3. These are such flat areas.
4. My granny makes such tasty toast.


1. The idea is so good.
2. The news is so exciting.
3. Many areas in East Anglia are so flat.
4. The toast today is so tasty.

10. Complete the sentences using such or so.

  1. The day was ... exciting.
  2. It is ... a good idea.
  3. Her health is ... poor.
  4. Life in the Highlands is ... lonely.
  5. The weather in Russia is becoming ... changeable.
  6. You shouldnt make ... silly jokes.
  7. Its ... nasty weather today!
  8. She spends a lot of money on ... expensive books.
  9. They have always been ... happy together.
  10. My baby brother is ... a little dear.


Exclamatory Sentences

What ...!

What a brave officer he is!
What a peaceful country it is!
What an expensive present it was!
What an exciting trip it has been!
What clean water it was!
What fresh air it is!
What polite girls they are!
What great adventures they will be!

How ...!

How brave the officer is!
How peaceful the country is!
How expensive the present was!
How exciting the trip has been!
How clean the water was!
How fresh the air is!
How polite the girls are!
How great the adventures will be!

11. Choose one of the word combinations from the word box and give a suitable answer.

Example: Look, Ive bought some flowers for mum.
                  What beautiful roses! Oh! How beautiful they are!

a tasty cake, a clever boy, a nice day, unusual scenery, a boring party, green fields, dirty trousers, interesting books

  1. Look at Petes trousers.
  2. David has written the test very well.
  3. There was no music at the party and he couldnt dance.
  4. Look at this scenery. I have never seen anything like that.
  5. Weve got some new books for the library.
  6. Do you remember the green fields of East Anglia?
  7. Have you tasted my cake?
  8. The sun is shining again.

12. a) Read and guess what the underlined words mean.

  1. That was an official ceremony and all the ladies were wearing long dresses.
  2. What is the Queens official residence in London?
  3. What is the main avenue of the city?
  4. Have you ever seen any procession in which the Queen took part?
  5. Public processions are important events of the city life.
  6. Cheburashka is a famous character in many childrens cartoons in Russia.
  7. Queens and kings are monarchs.
  8. Men are often interested in politics.
  9. Who can control that?
  10. A throne is a seat where monarchs sit during official ceremonies.
  11. Have you read any tragedies by William Shakespeare?
  12. He is not fond of classical music.
  13. Britain was a great empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

b) Look these words up to make sure you have guessed right.

13. Read the words, look them up and study the word combinations and sentences to know how to use them.

to own (v): to own a house, to own a factory, to own a pet. This house is mine; I own it. Who owns this land?

a crown (n): to wear the crown, a crown of gold. A crown is the head dress of gold worn by a king or a queen. Kings and queens wear crowns at official ceremonies.

to crown (v): to be crowned. Where was Queen Elizabeth II crowned?

to reign (v): to reign over / in the country, the reigning monarch. In Britain the monarch reigns but has no real power.

reign (n): the longest reign in history. What do you know about the reign of King Henry VIII? The reign of a king or queen is the time during which he or she rules,

to defeat (v): to defeat the enemy, to defeat the army, to be defeated. The fleet of France and Spain was defeated by Admiral Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar,

undefeated: King Arthur and his men were undefeated,

defeat (n): Six wins and three defeats for the team. I never think about the possibility of defeat,

to remind (v): to remind sb of sth, to remind sb to do sth. Do I have to remind you about it again? Remind me to answer that letter. He reminds me of his brother. This song reminds us of France. That reminds me ...1 That reminds me I must give some milk to the cat.

to touch (v): to touch sth. Dont touch the kettle: its very hot. One of the branches was just touching the water. Touch wood. Some people say Touch wood, and often touch a piece of wood, not to have bad luck,

touching (adj): a touching story, a touching film. How touching!

a reason (n): reasons, the only reason, an important reason, a bad reason for sth. Give me your reasons for going there. The reason why Im late is that I missed the bus. We have a good reason to believe that he is lying. We arent going for the simple reason that we have no time.

1 That reminds me ... , .

14. Say what can be: 1) touching; 2) official; 3) public.

15. Make up word combinations with the new words and use them in sentences of your own (at least 10 sentences). Use the words from the box.

16. Complete the sentences with the words from ex. 12, ex 13.

  1. There are several ... why we cant do that.
  2. You can see royal ... in the Tower of London. They are made of gold, silver and stones and look so beautiful.
  3. This photo always ... me of the happy days I spent in Greece.
  4. Who is the main ... in Cinderella?
  5. I am not interested in ... but my father is.
  6. Who ... this bit of land?
  7. Windsor Castle is the summer ... of the Queen.
  8. My aunt often goes to concerts of ... music.
  9. In Britain the Queen ... but does not rule.
  10. The old ladys fingers ... the girls hair.
  11. When we lost the game last Friday, we all felt that it was a terrible ... .
  12. The ... home of the British Prime Minister is 10 Downing Street.

16. Listen to the tape, 33, read the dialogue, learn it by heart and act it out.

Queens Presents

Olga: Whats that, Stephen? Have you got a new camera?

Stephen: Yeah.1 Just what Ive always wanted. Its a Christmas present from my parents.

Olga: Really? Im so happy for you. I love presents. I wish I were a queen, then I would get2 presents every day.

Stephen: Believe it or not, Olga, but this is what happens in real life. Ive read in a magazine that for Queen Elizabeth, for example, every day is Chrismas day.

Olga: Youre kidding!3

Stephen: Not at all. And some of the presents are very unusual. Once an American hot dog firm sent her a big box of hot dogs with mustard.

Olga: Oh, no! What did she do with them?

Stephen: I have no idea. But its clear that presents can be a big problem. Once, when the Queen returned from Canada she brought home a mink coat,4 a large statue of a horse, a pair of snowshoes, a motorboat, a piece of iron, a silver jug5 and a large painting of a power station.

Olga: What does the Queen do with these presents? Where can she put a large statue?

Stephen: There are 600 rooms in Buckingham Palace and the Queen tries to use all of her presents. And she gives many of her presents to museums, especially the British Museum.

Olga: Id so much like to go to London one day and visit the British Museum and see Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park and Big Ben.

Stephen: I hope your dream will come true.

1 yeah = yes (informal)
2 I wish I were a queen, then I would get... , ...
3 Youre kidding! !
4 a mink coat
5 a jug