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”чебник дл€ 6 класса

јнглийский €зык


Let Us Read and Learn

8. Listen to the speaker and repeat the sounds after him, 1.

9. a) Read these words in transcription.

b) Listen to the tape, 2, and check your reading.


10. Look at the thermometers and say what temperature they show.

11. Say what the temperature was in different cities three days ago.

Rome +5
Madrid +4
Edinburgh -8

Paris +1
Moscow -14
London +2

St. Petersburg -18
Washington D.C. -10
Cardiff +6

12. a) Read and guess what the underlined words mean.

  1. You can see a rainbow in the sky when rain and sun come together.
  2. There was an awful rainstorm yesterday. It rained hard and a strong wind was blowing.
  3. A barometer is an instrument that helps to tell what the weather will be like.
  4. There was a shower (a short rainfall) in the evening.
  5. Weathermen collect information about weather.

b) Look these words up1 to make sure you have guessed right.

1 to look up = to look up in the dictionary or vocabulary Ч посмотреть слова в словаре

13. Read the words, look them up and then study the word combinations and sentences to know how to use them.

a forecast (n): a weather forecast. The weather forecast says there will be rain,

to forecast, forecast, forecast (u): They forecast good weather at the weekend,

to expect (u): to expect visitors, to expect cold weather. The child is tired so I expect he will go to bed early. I am expecting visitors tonight,

daily (adj): a daily newspaper, a daily show. This is a daily television programme,

calm (adj): a calm voice, a calm morning, to stay calm. Today is a calm day, very good for playing badminton. I was afraid of the dog but I decided to stay calm.

a mist (n): At 11 oТclock the mist cleared and the sun began shining. We could not see the house through the mist.

misty (adj): a misty morning. I looked through the window and saw that it was a grey misty morning. The forecast says it will be wet and misty tomorrow,

changeable (adj): changeable weather. The weather in April is always changeable: it may be rainy in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon,

to look out for: On a morning like this everyone looks out for rain.

14. This is a page from Mr GreenТs diary. Mr Green is a weatherman and every day he makes notes about the weather. Yesterday he was caught in a rainstorm and his diary got wet. Can you help Mr Green to read his notes? Use the words from ex. 12, ex. 13.

1 a.m. Ч is used to show that we speak about the time between midnight and noon
2 p.m. Ч is used to show that we speak about the time between noon and midnight

15. Listen to the sayings, 3, then choose two and learn them by heart.

Words about the weather

  1. A sunshiny shower
    WonТt last an hour.
  2. Rainbow at night
    Is the sailorТs delight;1
    Rainbow at morning,
    Sailor, take warning!2
  3. When the days begin to lengthen,3
    Then the cold begins to strengthen.4
  4. Evening red and morning grey
    Are the signs of a bonny5 day.
    Evening grey and morning red,
    Bring down rain on the farmerТs head.
  5. If bees6 stay at home,
    Rain will soon come.
    If they fly away,
    Fine will be the day.

16. Listen to the dialogues for good and bad weather, 4, learn them by heart and act them out.


A: ItТs a fine day today, isnТt it?

B: Yes, itТs nice and bright this morning.

A: Yes. Much better than yesterday. ItТs good to see the sun again.

B: LetТs hope it will keep fine for the weekend.


A: What a nasty7 day! It has been raining since yesterday morning.

B: They say it is going to get even colder.

A: Oh, no! I hate cold and rain.

B: So do I. LetТs hope it wonТt last.

17. Make up your own dialogues. Use the models of ex. 16. Use the following words and word combinations instead of those in bold type.8

cool and wet9
warm and sunny
bright and frosty
hot and stuffy10
wet and foggy
cool and windy

What a hot day!
What a cold day!
What a sunny day!
What a rainy day!
What a windy day!
What a foggy day!
What a wet day!

1 delight Ч восторг
2 warning Ч предупреждение
3 lengthen Ч удлин€тьс€, продлеватьс€
4 strengthen Ч усиливатьс€
5 bonny Ч красивый
6 a bee Ч пчела
7 nasty Ч отвратительный
8 in bold type Ч жирным шрифтом
9 cool and wet Ч прохладный и влажный
10 stuffy Ч душный