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Учебник для 6 класса

Английский язык


Unit 8. England

* * * * * Let Us Review * * * * *

1. Look at the compass and give a name to all the numbers.

Number 1 is the north.
Number 2 is the northeast.
Number 3 is
Number 4 is the southeast.
Number 5 is
Number 6 is
Number 7 is
Number 8 is the northwest.

2. Give a full name to the following.

SE, S, SW, NW, NE, N, E, W.

Example: SE stands for the southeast.



in the north (northwest)
in the south (southeast)
in the east (northeast)
in the west (southwest)


to the north of
to the south of
to the east of
to the west of


to the northwest of
to the southeast of
to the northeast of
to the southwest of

St. Petersburg is in the northwest of Russia.
Moscow is to the southeast of St. Petersburg.

3. a) Look at the map of Russia and say where these cities are situated.

Example: Magadan is in the northeast of Russia.

b) Compare the position of these cities towards each other.

Example: Vladivostok is to the south of Magadan.

4. Look at the map of Europe and say where these countries are situated.

Example: France is in the southwest of Europe.

5. a) You can see the names of the eleven European countries on the map of ex. 4. Match the countries and the names of their capitals.

Stockholm, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Sofia, Vienna, Berlin, London, Madrid, Athens, Dublin.

b) Say where these countries are in relation to1 each other.

Example: Germany is to the north of Italy, to the northwest of France, to the southeast of Sweden, to the west of Russia, to the southeast of Britain and to the northeast of Spain.

1 in relation to — по отношению к

6. Imagine you’re in a geography class, look at the map (ex. 4), choose a country and compare its position with three or four other countries. Use the example of ex. 5 as a model.



1. Oxford and its university I are famous all over Europe.
2. The National Gallery and its collection of pictures are known all over the world.
3. Russia is a large country. Its capital is Moscow.

it’s=it is

1. Oxford is a beautiful city and it’s very old.
2. Look, it’s the National Gallery in front of us.
3. I like Moscow, it’s a nice city.

7. Make the right choice: it’s or its.

  1. Spain is situated in the southwest of Europe. What is ... capital? ... capital is Madrid.
  2. Scotland is famous for ... beauty.
  3. ... easy to find Finland on the map: ... in the north of Europe.
  4. Moscow is a very old city, ... history goes back to the 12th century.
  5. India is washed by the Indian Ocean, ... climate is very hot.
  6. You can’t see the top of this mountain from here because ... so high.
  7. Paris is the capital of France, ... situated on the river Seine.
  8. St. Paul’s Cathedral is in the City. ... beautiful columns can be seen above the high buildings.