Let Us Read

5. Learn to read these proper names, 54.

6. Read the dialogue, 55, and say what other places in the USA the children could visit besides the places that they are going to see.

A Trip To the USA

Teacher: Hi, everybody! Ive got great news for you. At the end of April your group the winners of English Learners Contest1 is going to the USA!

Tanya: Its fantastic!

Misha: Wow!

Volodya: I cant believe it! Its too good to be true.

Irina: I knew it! I knew it!

Teacher: Please be quiet. Im here to tell you all you want to know, but if you make so much noise I wont be able to do it.

Volodya: When are we leaving? What places are we going to visit?

Teacher: We are starting on the 23rd of April and we are flying from Sheremetyevo to New York, Kennedy Airport.

Tanya: How long are we going to stay in New York?

Teacher: Only two days, but its long enough to see the main sights: the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, the famous skyscrapers, the Metropolitan and the Bronx Zoo.

Irina: But New York is in the east and I have always wanted to see Hollywood and Disneyland. Are we going to go to California too?

Teacher: Yes, we are, but only at the end of our trip. Between New York and California well go to Philadelphia, the birthplace of American democracy, and Washington, D. C.

Misha: Just Philadelphia and Washington? Arent we going to Texas? Ive always wanted to meet cowboys or even take part in a rodeo.

Tanya: Whats a rodeo, Misha?

Misha: Dont you know? Its when cowboys ride wild horses or catch wild horses throwing a lasso. I saw it in a film.

Volodya: Id like to see the Niagara Falls. Could we please go there?

Teacher: Sorry, boys, not this time. Weve got only ten days and four wonderful places to see. Im sure youll love them. But if you win another contest (and were having it in May) who knows ... we may have a chance...

1 a contest

7. Work in pairs. Imagine that one of you knows everything about the trip to the USA (ex. 6) and the other knows very little. Ask questions to find out more.

Example: The group of children won the English learners contest.

            a) When did the contest take place? It was in September last year.
            b) How many schools took part in it? Four.
            c) Where did the contest take place? In school 28.

  1. They are flying from Sheremetyevo to New York, Kennedy Airport.
  2. They are going to stay in New York for two days.
  3. They wont visit Texas.
  4. A rodeo is an exciting show.
  5. The Niagara Falls is a wonderful place to visit.

8. Say what the group of children could see in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C., and California. If necessary, look it up or ask your parents and teachers.

9. Role play the dialogue from ex. 6.

* * * * * Let Us Talk * * * * *

10. a) Look at the map, say what places the children visited and why, use the words from the word box.

Example: First the children went to Shannon to make a stop.

b) Imagine that you are planning a tour around the world. Say where you are going to go and why. Use the information on page 211.

Example: First Im going to Greece to see the Acropolis.


the Great Sphinx and the pyramids
the place of the first Olympic Games
the ancient ruins
the Eiffel Tower

c) Choose any places you would like to visit and say why.

Example: I would like to go to Paris to visit the Louvre ['1:\()|.

11. We are sure that most of you would like to go to the USA. Think of five good reasons why you would like to go there.

12. Imagine that you are going to visit the USA. What means of transport will you choose:

  1. to get to the country;
  2. to travel about the country? Why?

13. Retell the story Mothers Advice from ex. 4 in reported speech.

* * * * * Let Us Write * * * * *

14. Do ex. 1, ex. 3, ex. 4 in writing.

15. Write a short story about the characters from ex. 6 visiting the USA.

16. Express the same in English.

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