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Let Us Talk

23. Speak about Shakespeares married life in Stratford before he left for London.

24. a) This is a list of some of Shakespeares great plays. Guess which of them are tragedies and which are comedies. Find out what these plays are called in Russian.

1593 The Comedy of Errors1
1595 Romeo and Juliet
1596 A Midsummer Nights Dream
1597 The Merchant2 of Venice
1599 Julius Caesar
1600 As You Like It

1600 Twelfth Night
1601 Hamlet
1603 Alls Well That Ends Well
1604 Othello
1606 King Lear
1606 Macbeth

1 an error
2 an error a merchant

b) Have you heard about any of these plays or read them or seen them at the theatre? Tell your friends about them.

25. Shakespeare was born and spent a great part of his life in Stratford-upon-Avon. Look at the pictures of Stratford, use the information about the places you see in them and act as a guide. Let your friends be a group of tourists visiting Stratford. Work in small groups.

Mary Ardens house, three miles northwest of Stratford. Here lived Shakespeares mother. This is a typical farm house of the period.

Shakespeares birthplace in Henley Street. John Shakespeare lived and kept his shop in this house. His eight children were born here. Two of them died young.

Anne Hathaway's cottage, a mile from Stratford, where she was born in 1556, and lived until she married William Shakespeare in 1582.

This is the schoolroom where Shakespeare was educated, as many people believe. It is still in use.

This is the Holy Trinity Church1 where Shakespeare was buried. Visitors coming to Stratford admire the beauty of the church and honour his memory. Its interesting that he died on his birthday, 23 April, 1616.

This is the place where the house in which Shakespeare died used to be. It was a big house bought by William Shakespeare for his family when he was still in London. Here he spent the last years of his life. Unfortunately, the house was destroyed.

Another memorial to William Shakespeare is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The present building was constructed in 1932. The first building was opened on Shakespeares birthday in 1879 and destroyed by fire in 1926.

The bronze statue of Shakespeare, presented to Stratford by Lord Ronald Sutterland Gower [] in 1888. Shakespeares figure is high above the ground and on the ground there are small figures of Shakespeares famous characters.

1 the Holy Trinity Church

* * * * * Let Us Write * * * * *

25. Do ex. 7, ex. 8, ex. 9, ex. 13, ex. 14 in writing.

26. Use to where necessary.

  1. Were going ... read one of Shakespeares plays in school. I think the teacher said Hamlet or Omelette Im not sure.

    She certainly wants you ... read Hamlet.

  2. Let us ... visit Stratford on 23 April, thats the day when Shakespeare was born.
  3. I expect you ... finish reading Romeo and Juliet by the end of January. I dont think I will be able ... finish the play so early.
  4. Dont forget ... visit Anne Hathaways cottage when you come to Stratford. I would love ..., but Im not sure well have time ... do it.
  5. I cant read Shakespeare in the original. Nobody expects you ... do it. But you should ... read at least some of his plays in Modern English.

27. Look at the words again and get ready to write a spelling quiz on them.

a glove-maker, a company, a teenager, a criminal, poetry, a twin, a deer, to please, pleased, stupid, a thief/thieves, to scream, wicked, wickedly, exact, exactly, to act, a law, a bank, to earn, a top, for a while

* * * * * Let us listen and Discuss * * * * *

28. a) Make sure you know this word:

to wave

b) Listen to the tape, 41, and say True, False or Dont know.

  1. Kevin lived in a small village on the bank of a river.
  2. Kevins uncle lived in the country.
  3. Uncle Ronalds full name was Mr Ronald Smith.
  4. Kevin could write beautiful poetry.
  5. Uncle Ronald didnt know anybody in his village.
  6. Uncle Ronald was a kind man and loved animals.
  7. Uncle Ronald was friendly and waved to everybody they met during their drives.

29. Ask Kevin 5 questions about his stay in the country.

30. This is an outline of the story. Develop each of its items.

  1. Kevins life in the city and what he felt about it.
  2. Kevins stay with his uncle and the way he spent his time there.
  3. Uncle Ronalds idea of how to make everybody happy.