Учебник для 6 класса

Английский язык


Unit 10. Shakespeare's Land

* * * * * Let Us Review * * * * *

1. Listen to the tape, 37, and put down the right ending: -ty or -teen.

fif... reptiles
six... reasons
seven... pigeons
thir... insects

four... mammals
eigh... species
nine... habitats
for... creatures

2. Look at the dates, read them and check yourselves with the help of the tape, 38.

1831; 1900; 1979; 1501; 1997; 1804; 1016; 1700; 1222; 1915; 2000.

3. Look at the pictures and say what places or what people they remind you of.

Example: The Statue of Liberty reminds me of New York.

4. Match the definitions with the words they describe.

to win a victory in a war
making a feeling of pity
to get in contact with something or some body
a king or a queen
a sign of royal power worn on the head
to be a king or a queen
the place where one lives
to bring to memory

to defeat
to touch
a crown
to remind
a monarch
a residence
to reign

5. Use the table and speak about the four English monarchs.


Henry VIII


Greenwich Palace 1491


1) Catherine of Aragon
2) Anne Boleyn
3) Jane Seymour
4) Anne of Cleves
5) Catherine Howard
6) Catherine Parr



Elizabeth I

Greenwich Palace, 1533



Queen Victoria

London, 1819

Prince Albert


Queen Elizabeth II

Windsor, 1926

Prince Philip