Unit 6. Consolidation one

* * * * * Let Us Talk * * * * *

1. Answer the questions and discuss the problems of weather, climate and ecology.

  1. Do you think the hole in the ozone layer will get bigger? Why?
  2. The world climate is changing, isnt it? What changes can you name?
  3. Do you think the earth will become warmer? Why?
  4. What do you remember about the greenhouse effect?
  5. What serious ecological problems are discussed nowadays?
  6. What environmental problems are discussed nowadays?
  7. Do you think ecological problems should be discussed in class? Why? In what lessons? Do you discuss them? Can you remember one such lesson?
  8. What do you feel about the problem of the extinct and rare plants and animals? Should they be put into the Red Book? Why?
  9. What can people do to save our planet from an ecological disaster? How can you personally take part in this work?

2. Work in pairs and complete the dialogue, then act it out.


Shop assistant: Good afternoon. ____________?

Customer:1 Yes, you can. Im looking for a pet for my little daughter. ____________?

Shop assistant: What kind of pet would she like? Something usual or ____________?

Customer: Im not quite sure. I know she wants to have a snake or a crocodile, but she isnt going to have one.

Shop assistant: How about a ____________ or a ____________?

Customer: Hmm. They are not as friendly as dogs, ____________?

Shop assistant: No. But theyre very clean and they eat less. Then maybe youd prefer a bird, a ____________ or a ____________ for example?

Customer: Which would you recommend?

Shop assistant: Well, you cant teach a ____________ to speak.

Customer: But ____________ speak too much and too loudly. I would like something quiet.

Shop assistant: A quiet pet? How about a goldfish or a ____________? They are the quietest pets I know.

1 a customer

3. Tell your classmates what the customer and the shop assistant in a pet shop talked about.

4. Comment on this: Man the destroyer, man the creator.

* * * * * Let us listen and Discuss * * * * *

5. Listen to the tape, 25, look at the map and read what weather forecast radio gives for the USA today.


In New York home of the Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers itll be sunny and mild, a little bit cloudy, but nice and warm. What a beautiful day to walk about the city!

Down in the southeast today the weather will be wonderful. In Miami, Florida, a popular vacation place, its going to be sunny and very hot. Its ninety degrees Fahrenheit. A perfect day for the beach.

Not so in Springfield, Illinois, its cool and windy, we expect rain this afternoon. So get out your umbrella.

Its thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. Thats zero degrees Celsius outside Denver, Colorado. Theres two feet of snow already and its going to snow some more. Its a perfect place for skiing.

And on the west coast in Los Angeles, California home of Hollywood movie stars and the best cars its sunny and warm. It will be a beautiful day for a drive up the coast.

And thats the weather in the USA today.

6. Look at the map of Russia and make up a radio forecast for certain places in the country. Ex. 5 can help you.

Vladivostok Get out your umbrella.

Yakutsk Its a perfect day for skiing.

Novosibirsk Get out your warm coat.

Ekaterinburg What a beautiful day for a ride in the country!

Murmansk It will be a perfect day for fishing.

St. Petersburg Its a perfect day to walk in the city.

Moscow Dont make any plans.

Volgograd Get out your light clothes and sunglasses.

Sochi A perfect day for the beach.

7. Answer the questions on the topic Animal World. Check your answers withbthe tape, 26.


  1. What is the name of the animal that gives birth to lambs?
  2. Young dogs are called puppies, young cats are called kittens, what are young goats called?
  3. What pets are kept in cages?
  4. Do you know why whales and dolphins are not fish?
  5. Theres one bird which is so lazy that it doesnt build its own nest and doesnt hatch1 its own eggs. This bird lays its eggs in other birds nests and gets them to do the hard work for it. Do you know which bird this is?
  6. Which is the fastest running bird in the world (it cant fly)?
  7. Which animals that you can think of belong to the cat family?
  8. There are two types of elephants found on earth. One is the African elephant. Whats the other one called?
  9. A fawn2 is a young animal that lives in woods or forests. What will it be when it grows up?
  10. These creatures catch their food in special nets that they make themselves. What are they called? How many legs do they have?
  11. What is a rabbits home called?
  12. This reptile carries its home round on its back. What is it?

1 to hatch
2 a fawn

* * * * * Let Us Read * * * * *

8. Read the text Ecology of Man and say why people need no less protection than animals do.

Ecology of Man

27. It may sound funny to you, but man needs protection and care as much as animals do. Peoples habitats their homes, towns and cities must be kept ecologically clean. In the places where people drink dirty water, eat bad food and breathe polluted air they suffer from serious diseases and die early; their children are born weak. No medicines prescribed by the doctors can save them. This problem becomes more and more serious with every passing day. The modern way of life, when people do little physical activity, use cars instead of walking, watch television for many hours and work on computers is turning them into legless creatures.

9. Think of at least five things Modern Man must do to survive. Compare your lists.

10. Ask questions on the text for your classmates to answer.

* * * * * Let Us Write * * * * *

11. Write the same in English.

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